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Legoliese is an official on the LEGO Message Boards who mainly moderated in the My LEGO Network Forum. She joined the LEGO Message Boards on September 14, 2005. She has 261 posts, and 19 likes received. During the retirement time in the German Message Boards, Legoliese was the only moderator who answered questions there. She is now retired. Her last log in date was January 8, 2013 meaning she still has possession of the account.


Her bio that she posted on the "Moderator Bios" forum is as follows:

"Name: My name is really typical around where I was born : The Alps!

Favorite LEGO set: I love love love all the DUPLO sets, especially those with animals – they are sooo cute!

Favorite MB: It has to be the board of the boards: Messageboards.

Favorite Gallery: Mindstorms. It’s amazing what can be done with LEGO. “I keep on thinking awesome robot, hang on it’s totally made out of LEGO!!!” Wows me several times a day!

Hobbies: Snowboarding, building snowmen and ice skating!

Favorite animal: Turtles! They have an awesome life style!

Favorite foods: It’s definitely the Swiss cheese fondue with a big chunk of baguette!"


Stevensbike announced her retirement here.

The text reads,

"Well, legoliese had to retire a couple of days ago. She was a great member of the team, but could not continue working for LEGO due to other tasks she needs to take care of. We will have to start the new year without her and will miss her a lot."

Kind regards,

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