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Legoman1475 is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on April 29, 2008. He has no rank, 2,885 posts, and over 1 like received. After losing access to this account due to an accidental password change, he began using the account IamLegoman1475.

Stories/shows written by Legoman1475

  • LEGO 2010, a story inspired by the movie 2012 (Finished, was going to have a sequel, however it was not made).
  • Last LEGO Knight (I and II finished, III incomplete).
  • LEGO Football Report (A show in which football is covered, completed, was announced to have a second version, which was cancelled).
  • LEGO Monster Catchers (I-IV (LEGO Monster, Legocaramba, Brick Ness Monster, LEGO Dragon)) (The Fifth would be announced (LEGO Rainbow Fish), delayed, and later be written as LMC 6: The Search for LMC 5/LMC 5: Rainbow Fish).
  • Agent X I-II (Chapters 1-16 for II, later completed by his new account, along with Agent X III: Enemy Within)
  • The Legoman1475 Show (This was his attempt at a talk show. Since March 31, 2010, it has had just over 30 episodes, owing to numerous hiatuses).
  • He attempted to make a thread of his own for people to post news in much like the peers he envied with little success (such as LEGO ECHO III: Rebirth, Author's Hangout: LEGO Superheroes Edition, LEGO ENTERPRISE NEWS STATION (LENS), and QUIDDITCH STADIUM).
  • He was the writer (and creator) of the hit franchise "Behind the Scenes" in over 5 stations (LSNA, LVNS, THE MINIFIG!, BYT5, and RBS).
  • He additionally wrote for other stations, such as LINS, The LEGO Tribune IV, The LEGO Times (2 and 3), and Agents Stories and News.


  • He chose his username because he did not think anyone would ever use a name with "1475" in it.
  • He once held leadership of the famed station, The LEGO Times 2. He held leadership until it was locked, and gho8233 took leadership after Legoman went inactive.

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