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Legostudios34 (also known as LS or LS34) is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on November 17, 2007. He has the rank Minotaur, 14,908 posts, and over 817 likes received. He retired, mostly due to spam that's building in many areas of the LEGO Message Boards. He is also considered an MB Legend by many.

LS used to be extremely active in the MLN Music and Bands Subforum, where he led the band "Further Investigation Required" (also known as F|R). He has won one MLN Lyric Contest with the song "365," which he wrote for F|R. Since his retirement, he has let Botven1 lead the band. He came back to MLN and the MBs due to having extra time, but left again shortly after due to MLN Bands closing down. Botven has waited and waited to see him again and even put his song "Oh Ryo" on iTunes.

LS played LEGO Universe, where his minifigures' names were Legostudios34 and Studios4RelientK, after the name of his favorite band.

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