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Lindel1324 (also known as Lindel) is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on May 30, 2010, exactly one month after Dwarfminefan580, who took him under his wing as a newbie. He has the rank Conquistador, 11,427 posts, and over 627 likes received. Lindel became famous for starting LEGO Universe Roleplay by posting the Nexus Force HQ. He posted most frequently on the Lord of the Rings, Classics, Kingdoms, Designers, and occasionally in the Bionicle Forums. Lindel was also leader of the Nexus Force HQ in LU Roleplay and the Monkey HQ in the Classics Roleplay Subforum.


  • Lindel participated in the Bob Avatar Protest.
  • He used to play LEGO Universe, where his minifig's name was Lindel.

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