List of Forums (Old)







This is a list of all the old forums on the LEGO Message Boards. The LEGO Message Boards were divided into 3 main categories, which where:

  1. Welcome
  3. Parents

Please note that this does not include subforums.


Message Board Help and Suggestions

  1. Alien Conquest
  2. Bionicle
  3. Cars
  4. City
  5. Classics
  6. Designers
  7. DINO
  8. Harry Potter
  9. Hero Factory
  10. Kingdoms
  12. LEGO Board Games
  13. LEGO Club
  14. LEGO Digital Designer
  15. LEGO Friends
  16. LEGO General
  17. LEGO News
  18. LEGO Superheroes
  19. LEGO Video Games
  20. Lord of the Rings
  21. Master Builder Academy
  22. Message Boards
  23. Mindstorms
  24. Minifigures
  25. Monster Fighters
  26. My LEGO Network
  27. Ninjago
  28. Pharaoh's Quest
  29. Pirates of the Caribbean
  30. Racers
  31. SpongeBob
  32. Star Wars
  33. Technic
  34. Toy Story


  1. LEGO Parents' Café
  2. LEGO Product Discussion

There was also a separate tab for LEGO Universe, which had only one forum with two subforums, and later LEGO Universe Closing was added. The subforums were a roleplay subforum, which now has become a subforum in the Classics forum, LEGO Universe Stories, which is also a subforum in Classics, Feedback and Suggestions, Tips and Tricks, Marketplace, and Goodbye to Friends, in the LEGO Universe Closing forum.

Once there was a special forum, either by a hacker or an updating test, called the "Delete Me" forum. It was up for only 1 day and had no moderation.


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