This page is an archive of the old LEGO Message Boards. Feel free to correct mistakes and add information, but please do not update the post count.

This is a list of Journeymen who have a page on the wiki. They were either members of the wiki or they had done something on the LEGO Message Boards worth having a page for.

  1. Crackers5 - 94 posts
  2. Dreamer2609 - 67 posts
  3. Eragon1299 - 64 posts
  4. Ettore10 - 81 posts
  5. Exoandace - 54 posts
  6. Fastcar900 - 65 posts
  7. Mln-Click - 58 posts
  8. Molukka - 68 posts
  9. Myrmidon02 - 79 posts
  10. Step6218 - 66 posts

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