This page is an archive of the old LEGO Message Boards. Feel free to correct mistakes and add information, but please do not update the post count.

This is a list of users who were known to be MasterBuilders before the update, sorted in alphabetical order.

Username Post count Activity
Brandiboy101 699 Inactive
Brm 449 Inactive
biokev08 671+ Active
breez77 401+ Active
Caysie98 701+ Semi-Active
Crazybrick45 378 Inactive
False 476 Inactive
Figmentia 491 Retired
Glendo01 336+
GlitterMagmaKitten 727+ Active
Jcff1 378+ Active
Jammyjam10 464 Retired
J-Mod 380+
kely1234 532 Active
Kidoa99 670 Inactive
KPSA 456+ Inactive
L33T HAMM3R BR0Z 457 Inactive
LadyRachel1234 535 Inactive
Lego613master 491 Inactive
Legodac 629+ Inactive
Loekieloe 421 Retired
Meltsner 504+ Active
Michael5718 723 Banned
Mike8097 488+ Inactive
Moron1342 588 Inactive
ninjamaster2088 477
nxtstep101 642+ Active
Osiris1342 395+ Active
Pepsicola112 453 Inactive
PositiveMud 736+ Active
Racerjoe8 691+ Active
Sarah77724 425 Inactive
ShadowLuc 429+ Inactive
sparrowfur 615
SKP4472 418+ Inactive
sullynm 703+ Active
Steve62 614 Inactive
tdjavier132 445

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