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For information about ranks from the Old LEGO Message Boards, please look here.

The new LEGO Message Board ranks are based on post quality, not quantity, and there are a total of at least 29. It is not yet known how to achieve a rank. However, since the Message Boards are running on a forum brand known as Lithium Technologies, it is known that post count, minutes spent online, likes given, likes received, posts read, and time since joined are all a factor in some way. This has been confirmed by the mods, who say that the ranks show not only what quality poster you are, but also your general activity on the MBs. All of the names of the ranks are known, but the order and number of each rank is not yet known. Posters start out with "No Rank" before moving up to Caveman, then Pharaoh, etc. All rank names are also used in the LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series. There is a theory that the ranks were in chronological order, as would be assumed by seeing how Caveman comes first, then Pharaoh, then Spartan Warrior, etc. Many expect Hippie to be Rank 24. These are the known ranks, in order:

  1. Caveman
  2. Pharaoh
  3. SpartanWarrior
  4. Gladiator
  5. RomanSoldier
  6. Minotaur
  7. Viking
  8. SamuraiWarrior
  9. Knight
  10. HighlandBattler
  11. Forestman
  12. Ninja2
  13. AztecWarrior
  14. Conquistador
  15. JesterRank
  16. RoyalGuard
  17. Musketeer
  18. Pirate
  19. Revolutionary Soldier
  20. Cowboy
  21. Detective
  22. Bandit
  23. Pilot

The other known ranks in the order discovered in the restAPI:

Hippie DiscoDude Rapper Spaceman
Galaxy-Patrol Alien2

Other ranks

There are also a few known other ranks that do not have icons (unless added in the future) that are given to users who read and like posts, but never make any posts. Here is a list of known other ranks:

  1. Apprentice Reader*
  2. Master Reader*
  3. Maniac Reader*
  4. Legendary Reader*
  5. LEGO Education Official (Given to LEGO Education forums moderators)
  6. Official (Rank given to LEGO employees)
  7. Staff (Rank given to Greg Farshtey and other LEGO Designers)

So far, those are all of the other ranks users can get if they do not post. These are the only ranks possible to avoid. There are likely more of them, achieved after liking a larger amount of posts. There is officially one last reader rank.

*Requirements for the reader ranks are unknown, and although there are theories about a number of likes or views, none have been proven correct.

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