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MB Cafe (The Ultimate Place to PARTY!) or simply the MB Cafe was the most popular of all the Cafés. It was created by Wertys761 on February 11, 2011 at 2:49 A.M. In early 2011, it became one of the most popular topics in the MB Forum and was a huge hit. It has since been locked and lost. However, Rusman20 created an MB Cafe 2!. The original menu was:


  • Eggs and Spam - 1.00
  • Bacon - .25
  • Any Soda - .75
  • Omelet - 1.15
  • Juice - .50
  • Hamburger - 2.00
  • Hotdog - 1.25
  • Chili Dog - 1.00
  • Cake - 1.50 a slice 4.00 a whole cake
  • Pie - 1.00 a slice 3.00 a whole pie
  • Brownies - .25
  • Rice Treat - .25
  • Truffle - .25
  • Fresh Fruit - .25

This was easily Wertys’ most popular topic. Most people didn’t pay attention to the menu or positions. It was a place to eat whatever, whenever, with whomever. Since February 11, the MB Cafe has gained 1000+ pages, 13,265+ replies, 65,300+ views and a rating of 4.5/5 Bricks.

The MB Cafe was locked on July 14, 2011. Both Message Boards Achievements and Camp MB were locked on the same day. They were both unlocked two days later.

The MB Cafe used to be a popular place to food fight. But after food fights went way too far, and there were too many places to food fight, Miakittymoon announced the end of food fights there or anywhere else except the LEGO Club Cafe Food Fight Room.

Another funny fact about that topic is that Marcel77799 made a copy of it in the German Message Boards which is called Forum Cafe. This copy is very successful like the original topic.

Mod Parties

A few unscheduled Mod Parties have also been held there. These unofficial Mod Parties quickly became unpopular among some users because they were too short and unannounced so most users never knew about them and didn't attend, and the fact that they were not run by moderators.


The MB Cafe is (currently) officially deleted for too much "spam". This has upset many users, and the Moderators haven't publiced stated a major reason why they've deleted the topic.

A smaller MB Cafe was opened to replace the topic, made by thejoester300. However, this topic was deleted along with the rest of the Brick Boards in 2012.

Rusman20 created MB Cafe 2! on 4-12-2012, and this topic now has over 4470 pages.

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