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The MB Concert Hall/Band Recruitment Center was a topic created by Genralaustin in the MLN Music and Bands Forum. The story behind the topic is as follows:

Genralaustin made a topic called MB Bands in the MB Forum. It was just like MLN Bands but it was called MB Bands and in a different forum. Several users went into an outrage because they wanted to just have MLN Music and Bands. But other users said it was good to have one in the MB Forum because the MLN Bands songs did not have much to do with MLN. Since many arguments were starting, miakittymoon came to the scene, and it was decided that Genralaustin could make any topic of his choice and MB Bands would be locked; this is how MB Concert Hall/Band Recruitment Center was created.

The topic had almost 50 pages.

This article is complete.

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