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Source: MB Lab for Technological Tests

The MB Lab for Technological Tests is a semi-popular topic in the Community Chat Forum that was created by Guacamole1998 for the purpose of trying out code, emoticons, HTML, and any kind of things like that. Before this topic was made, the only place to test out those sort of things on the LMBs was in the MB Chat Room, and it was becoming full of spam, so this topic was made. It has 561 pages and a total of 29 likes on the first post.

Notable Discoveries

  • Ordered lists: Danielboone6702
  • Horizonal Line ([hr]): Danielboone6702
  • More blocked emotes: Danielboone6702
  • Click-able links (no longer works): Danielboone6702
  • Making text stay to the center or right: Alemas
  • Making a locked post: Seaside98
  • Fake quotes: Danielboone6702
  • Colored text (Old LMBs): Danielboone6702
  • Emoji Emotes: legobrickelijah & Unknown user
  • Embedded images (see here): Legostudios34
  • New click-able links: Cat1948 (However it does not work anymore)
  • Changing text size, color and face (New LMBs): legocityfan119
  • How to put colors in signatures: Cat1948


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