• JohnnyNeutron
  • Rock-o-Ages
  • Wertys761
  • Irelandiscool
  • This is Part 1 of the 1 Episode of MB Mania
  • Alemas

MB Mania is a show in the LEGO News Station Advanced. It is the most popular show in the News Station, and its writer is JohnnyNeutron. The stories had 4 main characters; JohnnyNeutron, Rock-o-Ages, wertys761, and Alemas. Between episodes 10-15, Irelandiscool took part as a 5th main character. Johnny made a short 3-question quiz about old MB Mania Episodes, and the one who answerered them was to be added to the next 10 Episodes. The winner was guacamole1998. The series had a total of 18 episodes.

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