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Madkatmaximus96 (also known as Madkat or Kat) is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on November 30, 2009. She has the rank Royal Guard, 4,059 posts, and over 1,080 likes received. She mostly posted in the LEGO Video Games Forum, Community Chat Forum, and occasionally the LEGO Super Heroes Forum, which she did not frequent. She was permanently banned by Keighlian on August 2, 2014, for being a major contributor to the joint sock-puppet Nashtron and its dupes. The post addressing her ban can be found here.


She was originally nearly inactive on the LEGO Message Boards, making only a few posts, and she was mostly active at the LEGO Universe Creation Lab. After LU ended and the Creation Lab changed to the LEGO Universe Gallery, she officially became active on the LEGO Message Boards in February 2012. She first started posting in the "LEGO Sonic The Hedgehog" topic, but eventually became active in the Munch Munch Cafe, which was where she made nearly all of her posts.

Before her ban she had left the MBs due to the amount of spam and immature posts, though she had said that she occasionally posted when she "[saw] a topic that is so profoundly idiotic [she had] to comment on it".


  • She knew Nikomimi06 in real life, and Fastbee is her brother.
  • She prefers to be called Madkat or Kat, and is also occasionally abbreviated to MKM. This sometimes causes confusion since this is also a commonly used abbreviation for Miakittymoon.
  • She participated in the Old LMB Farewell Costume Party, dressed as the LEGO Studios Vampire.
  • She had mentioned having an account in 2005, which she accidentally deleted.

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