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Man.city1 (also known as MC1, Man.City, Man.c or MC) is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on February 7, 2008, the same day as Genralaustin and Dude777477. He has the rank Minotaur, 16,652 posts, and over 158 likes received. He was the first and only Maltese Maniac, though he has lived in other countries.

He raced legobrickbuilder4567 and friendlylightspark to Maniac, and although he was forced to slow down because he broke his left arm, he still won both races. He also won a race with Riolu777 to 15,000 posts, but later he lost a race to 20,000 posts with him.

He raced Riolu to Legend but neither he nor Riolu reached Legend, as the MBs updated and the old ranks were removed.

Man.city1 occasionally posted on the new Message Boards, though he is now largely inactive, as he feels as if it has been overrun with spam.


He was the leader of the Criminals HQ in the City Roleplay, where he infamously got into many arguments with users.

Man.City was one of the few active members in the SpongeBob Roleplay Subforum, where he was Mayor from November 2011 to January 2012.

He was first In-Command at his Club in the MB Forum. The Club is called: "THE /\/\ CLUB."

He also created another Club entitled "Legend Lounge." Though he was still Maniac, he made it for Legends to hang out.

He was part of the AquaRaiders HQ and also of the Mars Mission HQ, both in the Classics Roleplay Subforum.

He worked as a sanitation worker in the LEGOLand Roleplay Topic, in the LEGOLAND Forum, where he fought against different types of monsters.

Man.City drifted in and out of roleplay life in both the Alien Conquest Forum and the Pharaoh's Quest Forum.

MLN Bands

Man.City1 was also active in the MLN Bands, but he never won a lyric contest. However, a few songs of his made it onto the Bricklist.

Most of his songs were based on real songs which he makes parodies of. They were either "emotional" or "rap," as he described them. He has also made 1 or 2 rock songs.

After masterofthemetal11 retired, man.city1 became leader of Brickjams Records, the first record company with a topic.


  • Man.city1 had another account which had around 300 posts, though it was lost during the Great Migration.
  • Man.city1 also liked having his avatar with skeleton heads and/or helmets.
  • He changed his avatar every time he reached a new rank.
  • He has created a total of 27 topics, although many of them are locked.
  • For a day, he changed his avatar to a female Indiana Jones.
  • Man.city1 was one of the few users who suffered the MLN Help Subforum Glitch.


Man.city1 as an Old Timer

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