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Mars Mission HQ Station (MMHS) is a news station located in the LEGO News Forum. The current one, which has over 100 pages, was started by Gslover1. The original was posted by Ronald910, and had around 200 pages. It was deleted with the rest of that LEGO News Forum.

Even though the Mars Mission theme has been discontinued, it still is used for writing stories, its original purpose.

Only a few people are active there. They are Gslover1, Jonbuddy1, JTCANNATA, brickmaster7946, JJS495, Eagleeyedan2, and IamLegoman1475.

The stories they are writing are:

  • Gslover - Planet Of War
  • Eagleeyedan2 - Mission To Mars

Stories that were being actively written in the past but are no longer include:

  • JTCANNATA - Sickness
  • Brickmaster - Planetary Warzone: Sergeant

Also, Jonbuddy1 used to do a Behind the Scenes at MMHS!, an age-old tradition for some news stations involving active members and ensuing comedy.

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