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  • The new rank picture
  • The rank picture on the old MBs
  • MasterBuilder Badge on New MBs
  • A MasterBuilder will have no studs
  • An example MasterBuilder
  • A MasterBuilder with 5 studs, which is now impossible

MasterBuilder was the 5th rank on the LEGO Message Boards, and took aproximately 378 posts to achieve. It came after JuniorBuilder and before Craftsman. MasterBuilders were usually noticed more around the Message Boards than those of previous ranks. Users began to grow out of being a newbie at this rank, and began to gain more respect than an Apprentice would. However, since the LEGO Message Boards had grown in popularity, most MasterBuilders were not considered as highly experienced as they used to be in the past. Former MasterBuilders now have a badge on their profile page to signify their old rank: MasterBuilders of Olde.


  • The MasterBuilder rank is named after the LEGO Master Builders, who design LEGO sets and are experts in building. LEGO Master Builders build all your favorite sets, from STAR WARS to DC and Marvel Superheroes sets.

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