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Masterofthemetal11 (also known as MOTM) is a user who joined the MBs on September 5, 2009. He has no rank, 6,632 posts, and over 49 likes received. He was very well-known in the MLN Music and Bands Subforum.

He posted in the MLN Music and Bands Subforum, which he and Wiktorsz founded. They co-led "The In-Active Songwriters (TIAS)." He was also the songwriter for the SwitchBrick, and helped run the LEGO 777-MLN Radio Station and owns Brickjams Records. In the past, he has been in bands such as Whitebrick, Brickin' Heart, Brick-It!, and Further Investigation Required. He was famous for organizing the Winter Festival, Spring Festival, Summer Festival, and the Fall Festival.

He had announced his retirement just after Wiktorsz announced his. He sometimes checked in and posted in the MLN Band forum.


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