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Megatoa1200 joined the LEGO Message Boards on September 10, 2008 and currently has the rank of no rank. Megatoa has 178 posts. He was a member of the Dragon H.Q. and the inventor of a giant dragon-shaped spaceship. In the Alien Ship Hangar HQ, Megatoa was a designer and, again, inventor of an even larger dragon-shaped spaceship, which consisted of solar-system-wide spaceships called Hyqwons. After a caps lock incident on February 7, 2012, his password was locked, and he was forced to make a new account under the name of "DraikNova." Nowadays, he's trying to start up the Dragons HQ again.


  • He has been in several "feuds" with Eagleeyedan2 about the seriousness of the Dragon H.Q. It started when a member stated that he thought his dragon-shaped spaceship was a joke. Eventually, however, this changed more to a good-natured joking.
  • In the first Dragon H.Q., he invented a dragon cereal, which consisted of diamonds, lava and gold.
  • In the Dragon H.Q., he had a pupragon (a half-dragon, half-dog creature) that often tried to eat enemies of the H.Q.
  • Megatoa was an active contributor to this wiki, whose wiki name is ThePurpleDragonNinja.

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