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Source: Message Boards Achievements

Message Boards Achievements (also known as MBA) is a widely popular topic in the Message Boards forum. It previously held the record for the most pages ever in a topic, with 1,626 pages, but was passed by Talk to the Mods in 2012. The creator of this topic is desertindy24, a Craftsman. In this topic, users can post certain self-achievements, such as gaining a new rank, getting a certain amount of posts, etc. It was locked on July 14, 2011, with 1,626 pages, and a perfect rating of 5/5 Bricks. Towards the end of the topic, it started to become filled with spam, which was why it was locked.

The topics were unlocked in The 2012 Update, and was being used again by users like Diglett809 and GideonF210, though it was not nearly as popular as it was before.

MB Achievements 2 (Huohana)

A few months after the locking of MBA, a new topic was posted: "MB Achievements 2", with strict rules and guidelines on what was and wasn't allowed. Huohana was the creator of this new topic. Unfortunately, these rules weren't kept well, causing this topic to become locked very quickly.

However, miakittymoon said that the topic was let through accidentally, which was why it was locked.

MB Achievements 2.0 (Dwarfminefan580)

Dwarfminefan580 made the MB Achievements 2.0. This was posted in The Brick Boards subforum, which was deleted after a period of time.

MB Achievements 3: No Spam Allowed! (Xeara)

Xeara made the MB Achievements 3, which currently has over 550+ pages, and a 4 brick rating. It has very strict rules to prevent spamming, and, so far, they seem to be working because it has not yet been locked by the moderators.


  • Message Boards Achievements has the same acronym as Master Builder Academy.
  • MBA was considered a spam topic by many users.

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