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MichaelThomasME (also known as MTM) is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on June 18, 2009. He has the rank Ninja, 5,578 posts, and over 1,841 likes received. He supposedly deleted his account and returned with a new account, MikeThomasME.


MTM used to be very active, but in late 2010 he announced that he would be retiring for a short time, and would come back in Summer 2011. After The 2012 Update he returned and is currently quite active. He made a Poll Room also in late 2010 that, at the time, was the biggest poll room ever with 1,272 pages and at the time the first topic to get 1,000 pages (his Poll Room is no longer the biggest one). MichaelThomasME left because of the spam on the old LEGO Message Boards, but had returned. On April 10, 2013 he posted that he will be inactive but will return. He then came back 6 months later and was active, though he has again gone inactive.

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