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Michaelyoda (aka MY, Mikey, Michael, or Yoda) was a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on October 22, 2008. He currently has the rank Bandit, 44,153 posts, and 20,676 likes received.

About Michaelyoda

Michealyoda was a member of the band Aerobrick in the MLN Music and Bands subforum. He was mostly active in the Maelstrom HQ along with the Message Boards and News Forum. He was also semi-active with the Lavamonsters in the Classics Roleplay Subforum and the Order of Mata Nui in BIONICLE Roleplay, and was also a member of the Mosquitoids HQ in Galaxy Squad Roleplay.

On May 10, 2011, he became the 11th user to reach Maniac. He was also the first Maniac with 7 studs. Shortly after becoming Maniac, he took Micahstone's 8th stud. He reached the rank Legend on December 22, 2011, making him the 6th user to ever achieve the rank. He was formerly the 6th highest-ranked user on the old Message Boards.

He is considered a popular MB Legend and posted in several forums such as Bionicle, Star Wars, Alien Conquest, and LEGO Universe. He also joined in the Bob Avatar Protest but left it after two weeks. He wrote a comedy in the LU Stories Forum called "Epic Sentinal."

He was also involved in several roleplays such as Maelstrom HQ. He was previously involved with the E.O.B. in the Agents Forum until the HQ went inactive. He also has a sister on the LEGO Message Boards, CommanderRex12, who posted frequently in the MB Chat Room. He is called Mikey and MY by others.

Back when he was an Old Timer, he raced captainBrickmaster, 242oak and diglett809 to Maniac, winning by an gap of 2 months. He once changed his avatar to match that of Alemas, who was inactive at the time, to make his fans and friends at the LEGO News Station Advanced (LNSA) feel as if he were still there.

He posted his retirement on October 24, 2013 in the Time Off LEGO MB Speeches Podium, which caused many users to reply in sadness. His retirement speech can be found here.

His avatar was once featured on the forum icon of the Community Chat Forum.

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