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Naraluke is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on February 27, 2010. He currently has the rank Forestman, 3,936 posts, and 897 likes received.

He roleplayed and posted a lot in the Lord of the Rings Forum. Naraluke made a topic called, "Worst Lego Theme Ideas,"  which was one of the most popular topics in the Classics Forum. He was best known for writing the story "Modern LOTR: A Story," which was one of the most popular stories in the Lord of the Rings Forum. He also wrote the story "Modern Hobbit: A Story."


  • Naraluke lives in Japan, along with a few of other users like musashi115.
  • He was a Samurai Warrior for only one day, gaining 4 likes, giving 1, and making 1 post to advance to Knight. He was only Knight for a few hours as well.
  • Due to the popularity of "Modern LOTR," Naraluke was the all-time likes leader in the Lord of the Rings Forum for a while. He was passed by Fotr1 in 2014.

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