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NewDoctorWho is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on November 27, 2011. He has the rank Highland Battler, 2,915 posts, and over 1,126 likes received. In 2012, he was most active in the LEGO Universe Forum, but later moved into the Minifigures Online Forum.


He started the "LEGO Universe Movement" (LUM). One of the notable things he has done was Operation "Shock Wave." It was a plan to post several HQs for LUM in every forum on the LEGO Message Boards. The plan was stopped by the moderators who rejected the posts. His topic about Operation "Shock Wave" was locked by WhiteAlligator with the following message:

"Hello everyone -

This topic has been locked as it is inappropriate. This topic is a discussion about spamming the rest of the LMBs.

Remember, any topic submitted to a forum must be appropriate, on topic, and relevant. A "save LU" topic is certainly not relevant or on topic to the other forums.

Also, LU has been permanently retired. We know that this makes many of you very unhappy and for that we are very sorry. The game closed because it needed to. It was not because the employees that ran it quit. LEGO made the choice to close the game as that is what we needed to do. Although we respect your passion, we must again remind you that the game is absolutely not coming back.

Nerd (New) WA"

Many users criticized Operation "Shock Wave" as a plan to spam the LEGO Message Boards with useless and off-topic posts. The response from himself and several users loyal to his movement stated it was not spam, giving an explanation on a few forums. The only one that got up was one in the LEGO News Forum. NewDoctorWho has stated it was a failure but that LUM would continue nevertheless. LUM itself received many critical posts after this incident. LUM was heavily criticized for both Operation "Shock Wave" and trying to get LEGO Universe back.

He also created a LEGO Universe Movement Capital H.Q. post and a LEGO Universe Message Boards Factions post. He later started Operation "Brain Storm." Many users have criticized this post as well, stating LEGO Universe is not coming back but that LEGO is making a new MMOG.

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