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Nicholas749 is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on November 8, 2006. He has the rank Bandit, 16,245 posts, and over 3,792 likes received. He was nominated for the Lifetime Participation award in the 2015 Golden Brick Awards


He was a very active roleplayer in the Bionicle and Legends of Chima roleplay subforums. His roleplay character in the Bionicle Roleplay, Makuta Karunax, was the former leader of the Makuta HQ 3. In the Hero Factory Roleplay, he was the founder and leader of The Vortex, where he roleplayed as two characters: The Anonymous and The Confirmer. He had quite a reputation there, as his characters had provided a boss threat to nearly every other HQ from 2013-14. He left the roleplay as soon as his story with The Anonymous was finished. In the Legends of Chima Roleplay, he was the leader of the Eagles HQ, where he roleplayed as Commander Jai.


  • He practically skipped the rank Minotaur, since he only had it for a few hours.
  • He was the author of Dust and Echoes, a well-received story in the Bionicle Forum.
  • Michaelyoda wrote a story about him entitled, The Legend of Nicholas749. It was almost entirely inspired by a joke that Nicholas749 started in another forum.

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