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OliBoy2363 - Old Timer

OliBoy1263 (also known as Oliboy) is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on September 2, 2011, but was around before the update of the site. He used to play LEGO Universe with the username 'MrComputer.' He had the rank Old Timer, 6,267 posts, and 3 studs.

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He was active in the MLN forums, the MB forums, the Kingdoms Forum, but mostly the LU forums, and mainly the roleplay forum there. He was the leader of the old topics The Rebellion: Reborn and United Orders II, and now co-2nd in Command of the Nexus Force (as faction leader) and faction leader of Venture League. He was the Second in Command in many other HQs. He was one the youngest users with the highest post count. He was also in a band called, Raiders of the Lost Band.

Retirement Post at the Official Retirement Speech Topic (at the LMBs)

"Hello, it was time for me to announce my sad news.

Once I get back from my holiday on Monday, I am slowing down on posting. Once I reach Old Timer, I am going to go less active, until I retire completely, but I may come back when the mods realize they are the reason they are losing members.

I'm retiring because the Message Boards have been turned into a sad place. Only MKM remains as a 'fun mod'. Some of the other mods have turned into people like office clerks. I thought this was a FUN, safe place. Not a place where mods are like important overseers that just make their own decisions.

Also, I feel the Message Boards are messed up. The mods totally messed up the forum order. It was in IMPORTANCE, mods. Not random order. The roleplays have been messed up. LU Roleplay especially. It was not LU Roleplay anymore. Just a random try to make it relate to LEGO space battle roleplay. And even worst, 2 members of it have REALLY messed it up. 152252 and airdude500. Airdude thinks he was the most powerful and just randomly brings up things, which are normally OP. Also, he insults nearly everyone in his path.

I may not of even been here for a year, but I feel I must retire. I will be on the YKW, though. I hope everyone realizes what was going on and works together to make this a brighter place.

Yours Sincerely, Yours Faithfully,



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