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The Order of Mata Nui HQ 3 (OoMN) was the third HQ of its kind, started by jgenal after the first was locked and the second deleted. It was the third-largest HQ in BIONICLE Roleplay after the Toa HQ 4 and the Makuta HQ 3. Members here were technically not supposed to be Toa, but they can be, such as the Toa Hauden team. This HQ was usually at war with the Makuta HQ, before it lost almost all its members and became defunct as an official group. It was then revived by Keiththelegokid's character Garadur. It had over 681 pages before it got deleted with the rest of the subforum.


  • The Makuta, in one battle, razed it and built a fortress on the remains. The Order then moved to another location. There was a long siege, and the island was finally destroyed, forcing the Order to move to a new topic, Endings and Beginnings. This topic was eventually dropped in favor of simply posting at the original HQ.
  • Due to the destruction of both the HQ and the "universe" it was a part of, the Order was somewhat disbanded.

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