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PHINN is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on November 6, 2005. He currently has no rank and 7,980 posts on the new LEGO Message Boards. He created the Jedi HQ. He was rivals with the leader of the Sith, captainBrickmaster, and they have duelled each other several times. PHINN was a very active user in the Pirates Subforum and the Classic Roleplay subforum. He was the first cook for the Classic Cafe, one of his favorite topics. PHINN ran the cafe, and gave out free pizza if you ask nicely. He was active in the ASN News Station, where he was one of the leaders with JJS495, when he didn't have writer's block. PHINN was good friends with lots of people on the MB's and always made new ones. 

PHINN is currently inactive.


  • PHINN founded the Jedi H.Q. in the Star Wars Clone Wars Roleplay Forum.
  • He helped spread roleplay to other forums by making the Knights H.Q. in the old Castle Forum before it was deleted.
  • Even though the Knights H.Q. is basically defunct, PHINN's character, The Brave Knight, still lives on in the Order of the Staff roleplay in the Classics Roleplay subforum.
  • PHINN has never changed his avatar while on the LEGO Message Boards.

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