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Peat-a-peat (aka PAP, Peat, Peat Moss, or Pear-a-peef) is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on June 30, 2008. She currently has the rank Royal Guard], 7,820 posts, and 3,243 likes received. In 2010, because she feared the LEGO Message Boards were taking over too much of her life, she retired at rank Artisan. However, she remembered "the ol' boards" in late 2011 and tried unsuccessfully to return. As it turns out, she had forgotten her username. Finally she remembered "Peat-a-peat" in December 2011 and returned to actively posting in January 2012. When she came back, the MBs were filled with spam, and there was a new rank, called Legend, and apparently the newbie she once knew (Rock-o-Ages) had become the first Legend.

In late May 2012 she posted a short "goodbye speech" to all topics she was active in, stating she would retire until further notice. This could mean a couple weeks, a couple months, or a couple years. The only reason that it was thought she may return was because on a few of the goodbye posts she had stated, "I may return once school starts." On June 13, 2012 she came back briefly for a quick visit. She still comes back briefly from time to time.


The majority of her posts are written in bold. This was a very unique method of posting since the bold feature does not work for many users. PAP says that the only time when she does not post in bold was when she was on vacation and does not have access to her desktop computer, where she can use a certain type of browser to enable her to do this. She became somewhat famous for it.

Peat-a-peat used to post in many different forums and many different topics, but since her retirement, she slowed down quite a bit. She was busiest in the Classics Roleplay Subforum, posting in all the Power Miners topics. She also posted in the Agents Subforum of the Classics Forum, mainly at the C.O.M.B. Training Center. Lastly, the Message Boards Forum (now called the Community Chat Forum). PAP had been known to test a few times in the MB Lab for Technological Tests, MB Bios, and many other miscellaneous topics.

Unlike many users who will count how many topics they have created, PAP never did. Or if she did once, she forgot. Many of the past topics she had created have been lost or deleted along with a forum, but these are some of the topics still existing to this day. (Many are "revivals," aka duplicates of past topics.)

  • PAP's LEGO City Movie Theatre
  • Q&A's Topic! Got a Question About Power Miners? I'll Answer Them!
  • The Most Unique Username on the Message Boards: Second Edition
  • [*]The Good Old Days[*]
  • The Lost Island
  • PAP's Trading Post
  • Mos Eisley Spaceport! Land your craft here!

Ranking Races

At Artisan, shortly after returning the first time, she had a ranking race with other Artisans to Inventor, but they were hundreds of posts behind. Then along came Thejoester300, and they both fought it out. Friday was her last day to catch up to Joe, who was about 180 posts ahead, she made a great recovery and posted the 80 that afternoon, and, staying up late that night, until around midnight, she buckled down and made the biggest amount of posts she had ever made in her time on the Message Boards. The next morning, she found herself as rank Inventor, with Joe still at Artisan. Five minutes later, Joe reached Inventor too.

A few weeks later she was challenged by sharkydog158 to a race for Old Timer. Being as competitive as she was, she accepted, and then came thejoester, who challenged her again. Next was IndyAJD. A week or two later she made a decision that she would never compete in a ranking race again, when she posted her topic, "[*] The Good Old Days [*]". Afterward, she quit.


  • Where most people will use the word "um" or "uh," she will substitute the letter "b" instead. The result is "ub." The same principal applies to the word "get;" she made it "git."
  • Rock-o-Ages has jokingly said that she was his favorite LavaMonster
  • She called Rock-o-Ages "Rock-of-Ages," adding an "f" because she found it funny.
  • PAP said that she would never call someone a friend until they call her a friend - she was afraid she would be too presumptuous to do so. This was why she never made a "Friends List."
  • She is a member of this wiki.

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