Petitions are topics made by users that ask for certain changes, such as bringing back an old forum or theme or asking for a roleplay subforum. If other users agree with the founder of the topic, they make a post saying that they sign the petition. In theory, if the petition gets enough signers, LEGO will see that a lot of people want the change and adhere to their requests. However, most, if not all petitions seem to have almost no effect, except for the roleplay subforum petitions. This can happen even if the petition is very popular, which makes many users very angry.

A notable example is the "GAMES ARCHIVE SECTION PETITION," which asked for a section of dedicated to old archived games. Despite the fact that it had been around for more than two years, has 60 pages of replies, and had a rating of 5 bricks, LEGO has still not implemented this idea.

Another example was the petition for DRC (Drome Racing Challenge) to be brought back. LEGO made users wait more than 3 years until they released a sequel, LRC (Lego Racing Challenge). However, the game was removed after less than a year.


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