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Pikmin0207 (also known as Pikmin) is a user with no rank who joined the LEGO Message Boards on April 28, 2007. He has the rank Pharaoh, 4,894 posts, and over 15 likes received.

Pikmin was in charge of Your Position in the MBs Advanced for some time.

Pikmin was one of the higher-ranking members of the Bounty Hunter H.Q. in the old Star Wars Roleplay. He was also very well known in the BIONICLE Roleplay as "Speedran" and also in Operation 7 as "Kaston," and Spiral Knights, where he was "Speedran." He also made a story with Speedran, and intended to exchange characters with Keplers, although neither party actually did.


  • It is believed that he made over 1,000 posts in the Exo-Force Glitch
  • He was the first person to beat cr9 in a lyric contest

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