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RC_01/138 (also known as RC) is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on March 26, 2008. He has no rank, 5,046 posts, and over 13 likes received.


RC was active in the Star Wars, BIONICLE, Prince of Persia, Kingdoms, Toy Story, Indiana Jones, Agents, Space Police, and Pirates roleplays. He held various command positions in many of them. His most notable was Leader of the Grand Army of the Republic (1 In-Command of the Clone HQ in the Star Wars Roleplay). He held that position for roughly 8 months. During that time, he was the only clone leader to have a temporary alliance with the Sith H.Q.. For a while RC served as a writer in LNSA and later became the Chief Editor of the LU Star-Tribune. He wrote the start of a story in the Mars Mission Forum, and a similar attempt in the LEGO News Forum as a prelude to what was thought to come in the (at the time) upcoming LEGO Universe MMO, with a slightly darker, military edge.

After August 2010, RC left the LMBs. He returned to the Star Wars Roleplay briefly, but soon went inactive again.

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