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Raiders of the Lost Band (often abbreviated as RotLB) was a band started by IndianaBonesSulfrix9. Former members include himself, Zapty, Haystak1, WaveViper and RascusBrickus


The original line up was IndianaBonesSulfrix9, OliBoy, Thenso, Imabadger and Bennyboo19 (And, for a very short time, Wiktorsz was in the band but left soon after. Instead, he became RotLB's producer until his retirement.) The band has written many songs, including Faction Wars, Don't Borrow My Brick, and other great lyrics. This band from MLN migrated to City Roleplay Subforum, resting in Wik-Brick Records, but later on, in mid-summer, they got their own HQ again, and grew well. The band's name is a play on "Raiders of the Lost Ark," an Indiana Jones movie. It is also perhaps a reference to IndianaBones' name, another play on Indiana Jones.

After imabadger deleted her account and a fake posed as her "new account", the band looked for a replacement rhythm guitarist, but Badger's real new account came along and retook her position.

Soon after, BennyBoo went inactive and TannerJ2598 joined as Sound FX. They produced another album, a double one, released in September 2012, but then OliBoy retired, leaving only Indy, Badger (Later known as BronYAur before she left the band), Thenso and Tanner as the band's members.

Later, Thenso left the band and Gracelw1 and Zapty joined. Grace as violinist, Zap as rhythm guitarist. OliBoy also returned. Recently, OliBoy came back and wrote another song and although he hasn't posted since his return, he is still counted as part of the band's current line up, in case he comes back again. Clegokids joined but after writing one song retired from the Messagebords. Other new members are WaveViper and RascusBrickus. During this time they stopped touring. 

As many of their members (such as TannerJ2598 and Gracelw1) retired, they have slowly faded into inactivity.

Before going inactive, they were writing their 9th studio album.

TannerJ2598 secretly plans their resurgence in the form of a solo act similar to Australian Death Machine.

Line up

IndianaBonesSulfrix9-Founder and leader of the band, as well as now producing the band, due to Wik's retirement. Also holds position of Drummer..

Zapty-2nd rhythm guitarist and lead guitarist.


Haystak1-Assorted instruments.

RascusBrickus-Currently no position assigned.

There is no lead singer. It is band policy that any band member may write and/or sing songs. Tanner and Indiana currently have written the most songs out of everyone in the band.

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