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Rascal Studs was a MLN Band formed in mid 2010 by hanks2005. The band is famous for drinking root beer, and being the only popular country band. They even had a rootbeer vending machine in their HQ. After Hanks retired, the band went through about 2 months of total inactivity. Then captainBrickmaster rejoined the band and got it going again by writing 3 new songs for it. The band is currently inactive.


CaptainBrickmaster (Leader, lead singer, keyboard)

OPEN (Bass Guitar)

OPEN (Acoustic Guitar)

OPEN (Banjo)



Bricktown-2011-Produced Records

  1. Brick Town
  2. Minifig Deluxe
  3. Play Somethin' LEGO
  4. Brick that Head
  5. Brickberry
  6. Me and My Team
  7. Post a Little Post
  8. Unbuild It
  9. Brick, LEGO Brick, Wow!
  10. Wildbuilder
  11. Brick Town LMB
  12. LEGO Town
  13. He's LEGO

LEGOs and Root Beer

2011-Produced Records

  1. LEGO's and Root Beer
  2. Minifig Bone
  3. Minifig Outlaw
  4. A LEGO Bit of Life
  5. LEGO Boy (Root Beer for Me)
  6. My Kind of LEGO
  7. Cr9
  8. Where I Build From
  9. Bricktown (Remix)

Country Bricks

  1. Tomorrow
  2. Mods Don't Run
  3. Play With Legos

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