The button for rating topics

Topics were rated on a scale of 0-5 by any user. The rating was displayed as 5 bricks, right above the number of pages it had. The rating was shown by how many of the bricks are yellow as opposed to white (If a topic had a rating of 4, it will show as 4 yellow bricks and 1 white brick). This number was accurate to the nearest half-brick. A topic's rating was determined by the average of all the ratings it had received. All the ratings for a topic could have be seen by clicking the rating icon, along with who gave that rating, but the mods removed the viewing of ratings. If there had been no ratings for a topic, a rating will not be displayed.

  • 0 brick rating
  • 1 brick rating
  • 2 brick rating
  • 3 brick rating
  • 4 brick rating
  • 4.5 brick rating
  • 5 brick rating

A topic could be rated by going to one of the topic's pages, scrolling to the top or bottom, and then pressing the blue "rate this topic" button. A topic can be given the following ratings:

  • Excellent (5 bricks)
  • Good (4 bricks)
  • Average (3 bricks)
  • Fair (2 bricks)
  • Poor (1 brick)
  • Terrible (0 bricks)

Sadly, some users used the option of 'terrible' unfairly. One of these users who abused the rating system was the infamous Cheatcodes7334, who would constantly rate topics 0 bricks. KingSabotager, another example of a user who abused the rating system, made 11 different accounts: Sabotager1, Sabotager2, Sabotager3, etc., and rated nearly every topic in the MLN Forum 0 bricks, 11 times each. KingSabotager might have been banned later because he never rated any topics after that. Some other users have actually decided to rate every topic in a forum 0 bricks just because he/she did not like the theme. Miakittymoon advised against this and did not want people to rate topics 0 bricks in general, due to the discouraging effects it usually has on the topic owner.

On May 30, 2012, the mods decided to take away the feature where people could see who rated the forum in order to dispel fighting.


In some browsers, users were not able to rate topics normally; Mozilla Firefox was one of these. However, it was fixed at one point, and Firefox users are now able to rate topics normally.

After the Update

After The 2012 Update, the rating system was replaced by the like system.

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