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Reminal (also known as Rem, and occasionally Remmy) is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on April 29, 2012. He has the rank Forestman, 3,691 posts, and over 540 likes received. He started out playing LEGO Universe, and joined the MBs to get in contact with his LU friends and to post stories on the Stories of LEGO Universe subforum.


Reminal's stories on the Stories of LU Subforum were popular before the MBs update, with several regularly-posting fans and a few lurking readers. After the update, his stories lost popularity until they went almost completely inactive. His story, Riftbreaker, won the Mid-2012 Awards, along with one of JohnNC's stories. His other stories include The Fear Charmer, The Fall of Order, and After Armageddon/the Catastrophic Chronicles. He later did a rewrite of the Catastrophic Chronicles.


Reminal has founded many HQs in the LEGO Universe Roleplay Subforum, but, as with his stories, the update rendered them inactive. Among his HQs are the Dreadnoughts and the Riftbreakers, an HQ he made to coincide with his story, Riftbreaker. He was active in the Lord of the Rings Roleplay, as 2iC of the Rivendell: Elves HQ; and in the Ninjago Roleplay, as a member of the Nature Ninja HQ; but he has quit both because of spam and over-powered moves.


  • Reminal, GlitterMagmaKitten, and Legobrick5143 are siblings.
  • Reminal had another account called YrolleNibot, which he shared with his sister, but abandoned it for unknown reasons.
  • He was thought to be a female for many years until he revealed otherwise on this wiki.

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