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Riolu777 (also known as R37$, Rio or Riolu) is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on July 28, 2009. He currently has the rank Musketeer, 25,007 posts, and 2,738 likes received. He mainly posts in the Community Chat Forum.


He used to be a very fast poster back in late 2009-2010 (he beat man.city1 to Maniac by about a week). He used to post in many forums including City, Message Boards, LEGO News and SpongeBob forums. He was also the Treasurer and the Leader of the City Council in the Lego City Roleplay, among other roleplaying positions now long abandoned or forgotten. He had two stories in the Stories of LEGO Universe Forum entitled: The Disaster In Longbrick Academy and Infiltrator: The Month When Nexus Tower Was Sieged.


  • He once made his avatar bald, as part of the Bob Avatar Protest, in response to the closing of LEGO Universe for the duration of the protest.
  • He and Klintrin played a joke that they were brothers and managed to fool some users for a while.

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