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Rjmild is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on July 16, 2008. He had no rank and 3,881 posts. He was known to be friendly, and posted mostly in the Community Chat Forum. Although he was active, he made around 15 posts a day.  Although he was not an active roleplayer, he posted quite a bit in the Power Miners Forum. Rjmild eventually said that he would once again return to the MBs, but has deleted his account. However, he has made another account, called "rjmild2," which is inactive. Rjmild2 is Gladiator with 88 posts.

On Strike!

Recently Rjmild led a strike against the Moderators because they were deleting a lot of his favorite topics. Many people joined him. He told them to change their avatars to a pirate hat like his and use "On Strike!" in their signature. The Moderators would often edit out Rj's signature, which of course, only made him madder.

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