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Seaside98 is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on May 6, 2009. He has the rank Roman Soldier, 9,453 posts, and over 21 likes received. His name in LEGO Universe was Seaside with Level 45.

Favorite Topics

Seaside never posted much until the closure of LEGO Universe was announced, after which he became well-known with his topic "There is no Reconsidering; The Closure is Final" in the LEGO Universe Closing Forum. One of his posts was also featured in the official video regarding LU's closure. He mainly posts in the LEGO Universe Forum, but can sometimes be found in the LEGO Universe Roleplay Forum. Seaside's favorite topic on the Message Boards is Benboy755 (Maya755 in Game) Chatroom. When the chatroom got locked, he posted in his best friend, Pacman87's  chatroom: SergeantElectronGlacier's Chatroom2, with LUTheGoldDigger and Benboy755. He retired after Benboy's chatroom was locked, but returned after the update.


Seaside98 Last Post

Seaside's retirement post

Seaside98 announced his retirement on July 23, 2012, shortly after WhiteAlligator locked his favorite topic, Benboy755(Maya755 in Game) Chatroom.

On August 17, 2012, Seaside returned to celebrate after skulduggery77 reached Legend.

Seaside98 Last Post Old MBs

Seaside98's last post on the old MBs

Seaside made his last retirement on December 16, 2012, only having made 15 posts since the Message Boards were updated. He retired because he didn't like the way the Mods were running the Message Boards. He did not post a final retirement speech.


«Seɑṩɪɗe» «SÆS‼DE❾❽» «SÆ$‼DE»
Aṩṩϵᴍıᴈʟʏ • Eᴎԍɪᴎεεʀ
Aṩṩeɱɓɭy ✰ Eɳɡɪɳeeɾ
  • He used the quote, "Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened." (Dr. Seuss) in his signature after the closure of LEGO Universe was announced. Many people thought he made it himself.
  • Seaside also had signatures that he used in roleplay topics based on his position.
  • Seaside suffered the Image Glitch when loading the LEGO Universe Forum with his iPod Touch, causing some of the ratings and topic images to be mixed up.

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