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Selucia is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on July 12, 2009. He has the rank Minotaur, 14,287 posts, and over 730 likes received. He had an old account with the name chaz657, but it was deleted as a result of the security switch-over in early 2008. He went inactive sometime after the update, but came back in 2015 to make a few posts in LMB Old Timers.


  • Once in 2012, a newbie created a topic called "I Found a Maniac No One Knew About!" It included a link to a post Selucia had made. Selucia discovered this topic and found it very amusing, as did many other older users.
  • Some people called him Sayloosha, a nickname made up by Dwarfminefan580 as a joke.
  • After reaching Old Timer on the old LEGO Message Boards, he went inactive for a few months, and thus remained an Old Timer for quite some time. However, on October 3, 2011, he became the seventeenth to reach Maniac.
  • Selucia used to be a fast poster, but slowed down considerably. He used to post in the LEGO Universe Forum, where he would usually roleplay. He is now inactive in the Community Chat Forum and Designers Forum. There he created one of his largest topics, "Your LEGO Town."He is also well known for making the original Welcome Newbies topic.
  • His best friends on the LEGO Message Boards were Dwarfminefan580 and Riolu777.
  • Users sometimes mistook him for a girl, which he, and others who knew him well, found very annoying.

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