Sgt. Builder's Lonely Bricks Club Band







Sgt. Builder's Lonely Bricks Club Band (a parody of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, which was a Beatles album) was a MLN Band formed by Jonbuddy1. It was not really a Beatles-centric band. At one point Jonbuddy decided to call the band SBLBCB instead because it sounded cooler. Although Smallfryjon and Ferch9999_soccer posted a song or two, it was mainly Jonbuddy and Pyroturtle41 who made the songs and even made an entire album composed of only their songs. It was one of the more popular bands of their time, and the songs "Tomorrow Never Comes" (written by Pyroturtle) and "Back for More" (written by Jonbuddy) were considered main inspirations for Legostudios34 when he created the LS34 Project, later to become F|R.


  • Jonbuddy1 (leader)
  • Pyroturtle41
  • Smallfryjon
  • Ferch9999_soccer 

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