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Sharkydog158 (also known as Sharky) is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on September 17, 2008. He has the rank Caveman, 5,548 posts, and 12 likes received.


Sharkydog is involved in many different roleplays. He is currently the leader of the Good Ninjas HQ in the Ninjago Roleplay Subforum. He sometimes posted in the Original Saga Roleplay as well. His favorite roleplay was the Classics Roleplay Subforum], where he was part of the Space Police HQ and the Special Lavamonsters HQ 5.1752!!!!!!, along with many other roleplays.


  • He joined in 2008 but didn't start posting until about 2011.
  • He once retired but came back after a few days.
  • He had a dupe account named This_Username_is_Taken.
  • He used the Tongue Smiley emoticon in almost all of his posts, as he often joked around.
  • He was rank 10 on My LEGO Network.
  • Peat-a-peat once copied his old signature, using the quote "Sorry I'm Awesomer."
  • Sharkydog158 raced IndyAJD and Paperclip8707 to Old Timer before the moderators closed all ranking races.

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