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Silverchamp11 is a retired moderator who joined the LEGO Message Boards on March 10, 2008. She occasionally answered questions in Talk to the Mods. She also moderated the Technic and BIONICLE forums. She has no rank and 145 posts.


Silverchamp announced her retirement in the Talk to the Mods topic on February 12, 2012. Her post:

"Hi all you great LEGO fans

Just to say it is my last day too and I will miss all your creativeness, your submissions, you views (both positive and negative). I have loved reading all your stories, roleplays and generally the way you have all made the message boards so special. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your community.

Look after each other and make it the best message board to be part of.

Keep bricking!

Over and out, Silverchamp11"

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