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SpitfireMad is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on March 11, 2007. He has the rank Ninja, 5,790 posts, and over 1,335 likes received. He is inactive. 


SpitfireMad initially hesitated from joining the LEGO Message Boards when he first created his account in 2007. Instead, he preferred to play the online games, and edit his Club Personal Page. However, about a year after MLN was introduced, Spitfire decided that he wanted to get more out of, and so joined the LEGO Message Boards community. He made his first posts in the "The Classic Cafe," which were about the worrying increase in the amount of licensed LEGO themes. It seemed fitting, therefore, that his first topic - "LEGO is Going Licensed" - should be about this very issue.

After becoming well known in the Classics Forum, Spitfire decided to venture into the Community Chat Forum, where he posted in the "Talk To The Mods" topic.

Continually growing confident and competent at posting, Spitfire expanded out into the Designers, and Design by ME forums, where he would share his opinions and knowledge about various ideas and themes. But, despite all this, Spitfire still felt he was missing out on something, and that was roleplay. He had never posted in a roleplay before, and seeing all the positive comments people were making about them, decided to join one.

In August 2011, shortly after it broke away from the "Air Raiders HQ," Spitfire enrolled at the "Flyer Squad HQ," in the Pharaoh's Quest Forum. He chose this HQ because of his passion for aviation, and thus felt it would suit him better than any other. After getting used to the way the roleplay worked, he soon became a prominent member of the Flyer Squad, creating the "Aircraft Dealership," and becoming good friends with its members. When the Flyer Squad relocated its primary base of operations to the DINO Subforum, Spitfire moved with it, and assumed a leading role there when acoustic14 and k9unit13 went inactive.

In August 2012, SpitfireMad declared his allegiance to the Galactic Empire in the "Star Wars Original Saga Roleplay" forum, to join his friends from the LEGO Universe Creation Lab. His roleplaying there got off to a shaky start when ARC2197 (as Mand'alor Slisko) assaulted the "Stormtrooper HQ," and Spitfire made the controversial order to have the planetary defenses destroy the HQ. Unfortunately, he was put under close arrest by Obiwan50 before he could carry out this order, and the Mandalorians successfully took over the topic.

Despite this incident, Spitfire eventually took off in the Original Saga roleplay, and he eventually took ownership of "TransGalMeg Industries," where his Bulwark Mk III Star Battlecruisers were very popular.

Back before Bobadaking deleted the alternate account called ARCDARC, Spitfire helped make a truce between the Mandalorians and the Empire to find out who ARCDARC is.

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