The Spongebob Roleplay Subforum consisted of many roleplay topics. These were mostly places that were featured in the SpongeBob SquarePants TV show such as the Shell Shack, the Fancy! Restaurant, and the Good Neighbor Lodge. It was created because the SpongeBob roleplay became too large and was taking up too much room in the SpongeBob Forum.

The last mayor of the subforum was man.city1. Since he is quite inactive, there is currently no mayor.

The subforum closed on March 25, 2014  due to inactivity. Active topics were moved to the main forum.


There were two main ongoing conflicts in the subforum.

One is the "Krabby Patty Formula Conflict", the older one, which pits the Krusty Crew HQ vs. the Plankton HQ 2.0. This had been going on since the beginning of the roleplay.

The second one was newer. It pits the E.V.I.L. HQ, Flying Dutchman HQ, and the Trench Monsters HQ vs. The Bikini Bottom Police, and the Mermalair H.Q.

All of the HQs are inactive, although the E.V.I.L. HQ and the Plankton HQ 2.0 tried to make a comeback.

The new Police HQs were also trying to get members. The normal topics that weren't in these conflicts thrived through posts mainly by legospongekid and riolu777, and occasionally by man.city1 and some newer members.

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