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Steelersrule12 (also known as Steel) is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on March 14, 2009 and is considered an MB Legend. He has the rank Minotaur, 8,096 posts, and over 839 likes received.


When Steel first began posting he mainly stayed in the BIONICLE Subforum and My LEGO Network Forum. Later, he ventured out into the Kingdoms Roleplay Subforum, LEGO News Forum, LEGOLAND Forum, and the Star Wars Roleplay subforum. He became less active once Lego Universe came out, but still remained active in the LEGO Universe Forum. He is most famous for creating LMB Old Timers topic in the Community Chat Forum

He officially retired in December 2011, but on occasion made a post or two up until May 2014, when he officially returned for a time. The following summer he announced his second official retirement. He returned the following March in 2015, but only to check in. He returned again for a short period of time in July 2016.


In the Star Wars Roleplay Clone Wars Subforum, he was the longest lasting leader of the Sith HQ's before deciding to take a break. After he left, captainBrickmaster became leader. When Steel returned to the forum, he was not allowed to become leader again by miakittymoon because of how long he had been leader before. After that, he defected to the Jedi.


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