This page is an archive of a rank on the old LEGO Message Boards. Feel free to correct mistakes and add information.

  • You are not in the top 500 posters
  • Top 500 poster
  • Top 200 poster
  • Top 150 poster
  • Top 100 poster
  • Top 75 poster
  • Top 50 poster
  • Top 25 poster
  • Top 10 poster

Studs were part of the 2005-2012 LEGO Message Boards. Studs were yellow LEGO pieces located in a User's Profile. The maximum amount of studs you could have was 8, and the minimum amount was 0. Studs were earned by being active, and having enough posts. If you were #10 out of the top ten and someone else passed you in number of posts, you would lose that stud, because you were no longer in the designated position. (Significantly, every time someone gained a stud, someone lost a stud.) You would have gotten your first stud around 2000 posts, though this number is constantly rising. In the past, the first stud was gained at around 200 posts, but as more users made more posts, it became much harder for users to get studs.

Top 500 Posters

If you had a stud or more, this means that were in the top 500 LEGO Message Board posters (or higher, depending on how many studs you had). The list below shows which top poster group you would be in:

  • 1 stud - Top 500 posters 
  • 2 studs - Top 200 posters
  • 3 studs - Top 150 posters
  • 4 studs - Top 100 posters
  • 5 studs - Top 75 posters 
  • 6 studs - Top 50 posters
  • 7 studs - Top 25 posters
  • 8 studs - Top 10 posters 

Disappearing Stud Glitch

  • Maniacs cannot have 0 studs, so the glitch is seen here
  • This is what it should have looked like

Occasionally, a user would not have any of their studs shown, even though they were far above the mark for having studs. Sometimes they would reappear after reloading, but reloading might not do anything in certain cases. However, the studs would eventually come back after a few days. This usually happened when a user was about to gain another stud.

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