The Super Mod Commanders, also known as Supreme Mod Commanders, are theoretically the leaders of the moderation team. It is supposed that they decide the Mod Party dates and are the regular moderators' bosses. Sometimes people refer to miakittymoon as a Super Mod Commander for her activity on Talk to the Mods and the amount of time she's been a mod. Some users think Cocodeville is a Super Mod Commander because of her high viewing and low post count. Jammyjam10 was thought to potentially be a Super Mod Commander, but since she recently lost her moderator position, this idea was put down. Now, some people think Keighlian is a Super Mod Commander, as he does all the major announcements, and generally seems less "kid-friendly" than the other mods, like a CEO. Some people think one of them is Dannybe, a moderator who joined in 2001 and is still a moderator with one post. He checks the LEGO Message Boards fairly frequently. The true identities of the Super Mod Commanders are currently unknown, and MKM said that they must remain a secret.


  • Super Mod Commander is an unofficial name originally made by Rock-o-Ages, and was later used by the moderators.
  • There was an on-running joke that Rock-o-Ages was a super-secret Super Mod Commander, but of course, it is just a running gag on the LMBs.
  • For some time, before Rank X was replaced by Legend (and before MKM asked him to stop), Zas90 said "The X is the Super Mod Commander sign, not a rank."
  • WhiteAlligator confirmed that Keighlian was the fist and only Super Mod Commander.


  • Some Officials are incorrectly considered to be Super Mod Commanders.

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