SwitchBrick was an old MLN band that was reformed by JohnnyNeutron, with Masterofthemetal11 as the manager. They released one album and began work on their second before retiring. Former band members include gho8233 and eragon3443. The name is a parody of Switchfoot, an Alternative Rock band.

The original form of the band consisted of captainBrickmaster, JN, and Wezoo. Sadly, the topics that contain their songs were lost when the MLN Music and Bands forum retired.




SwitchBack is the first album from SwitchBrick. It was originally going to include 13 songs but was cut down to 10 after Gho's Brick Tower, JN's song with Brick-It!, and another of Gho's songs were cancelled.

SwitchBack-2011-Brickjams Records

  1. We Will Brick You (JN)
  2. We Are the Champions (MOTM)
  3. Out of This World (Bennyboo19)
  4. SwitchBack (JN)
  5. Makin' Me Feel Like Buildin' (V8fan)
  6. Let Everything Else Go (MOTM)
  7. Stop Copying LEGO (V8fan)
  8. Bring Back The Coast Guard Game (V8fan)
  9. The LEGO Dance (V8fan)
  10. The MLN Song (Are You A Networker?)]] (V8fan)


SwitchOut-2011-Brickjams Records

  1. Won't Stop Postin' (JN)
  2. Legends (V8fan)
  3. Gone Inactive (BB)
  4. Buildin' (Stereo System)]] (MOTM)
  5. Active Check (MOTM)
  6. Fakes All Over The World (MOTM)
  7. SwitchOut (MOTM)
  8. (Please Provide)
  9. *UN-NAMED* (JN.)
  10. Here's When (Reality's Left Behind) (MOTM)

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