TECOTAL™ (The Epic Clash Of Trivia And Logic) was a Game Show made by Genralaustin to replace TLGS. It was supposed to start on September 20, however the launch date had been pushed back many months because GA wanted at least 25 contestants to join, and only 16 of the spots had been taken so far. The first 5 people who joined got 1 Logic Point. Logic Points were like special bonuses, and after you got 5 Logic Points you would get a 1 question veto. It would be held in the Message Board's Quizzes topic, and the reward was 500 clicks on My LEGO Network. The name "TECOTAL" was created by Riolu777. The show, however, was put on hold until 2012, and returned for a short period, but has gone inactive again.

Remaining contestants in TECOTAL Season 1:

  1. Huohana
  2. Naraluke
  3. Legobrickbuilder4567
  4. Guacamole1998
  5. Mastergoalie
  6. Riolu777
  7. Alemas
  8. Aokpisz
  9. Adamlenton1
  10. Lego.minifig
  11. Danielboone6702
  12. Donaldduckatti313
  13. Legobatmankid10
  14. Diglett809
  15. Musashi115
  16. SpitfireMad
  17. 8ObiWan88
  18. Mizzerpijin
  19. Man.city1
  20. Legospongekid
  21. Skell-E-Ton

As of now, TECOTAL has been inactive along with Genralaustin and is so far not being continued by Riolu777, the user who now owns the rights to the gameshow.

Tecotal Finish


  • It was the successor to GA's previous game show called TLGS, which ran through 5 editions

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