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The LEGO Game Show (otherwise known as TLGS™ or just TLGS) was a topic in the Community Chat Forum. It was created by Genralaustin in 2009. Originally the game show was located in the MLN Contests and Quizzes topic, and lasted two-and-a-half seasons there. Sadly, the topic was locked, and the 3rd season was cut short. After a while a new topic was created in the My LEGO Network Forum, but was eventually moved to the Community Chat Forum by Miakittymoon.

After 4th season ended, it was announced that the 5th season would be the final installment. A lot of people wondered why, and later it was revealed that GA was starting a new contest called TECOTAL (The Epic Clash of Trivia and Logic).

TLGS is "trademarked" by Genralaustin.


Season 1: Cyclopse98

Season 2: Cyclopse98

Season 3: This season was cancelled because the The MLN Quizzes topic was locked.

Season 4: Dude777477

Season 5 (final season): Cr9


  • Dude777477 co-hosted Season 3 of TLGS.
  • GA used a different signature on posts for season 4 and 5 of TLGS: *4 This is Real*, *5 RI$E*
  • Rock-o-Ages and Michaelyoda had both helped with TLGS.
  • Genralaustin usually used the Star (New) emote at the top of all the important posts concerning TLGS.

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